Trish Emery


Charleston, SC


For me, art is about color. The journey into art began with an emerging fascination with light, how it changes and defines objects and emotions. I found that my intuitive choices set up harmonious patterns using complements, not local color alone. I choose colors for personal reasons, to elicit an emotional response - to please, to soothe, to excite the viewer. I do not want my art to be complicated or inscrutable; elitist or pompous. I make art to take you on a journey, and like good wine in return it draws wonderful people to my banquet. Thanks for looking at my work.

Education BS, Michigan State University
Studied with: Richard McKinley
Luana Luconi Winner
Mike Beeman
Alan Flattman
Barbara Jaenicke
Christopher Groves

Recent Selected Exhibitions
Pastel Society of America Enduring Brilliance 2017
Cecil Byrne Gallery all media national exhibition 2017
Solo show, North Charleston City Gallery 2017
Southeastern Pastel Society International Exhibition 2016
Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston SC 2014
Official Artist, South Carolina Dept of Rural Health 2014 and 2015
Charleston Fine Art Auction (invitational) 2013
Spoleto Festival USA juried show 2009 - 2015
Signature Exhibit, Charleston Artist Guild 2008 - 2014
City Gallery Juried Exhibit 2012 - 2014
Santee Museum Juried Exhibition 2007 - 2014

Professional Societies
Founder, President Pastel Society of South Carolina
Pastel Society of America
Southeastern Pastel Society
Piedmont Pastel Society
International Association of Pastel Societies
Charleston Artist Guild



Cooper River Rendezvous by Trish Emery


Charleston Shadows by Trish Emery


Cast Down by Trish Emery


Resurrection Fern by Trish Emery


Benediction by Trish Emery


Charleston Piazza by Trish Emery


Cluster's Last Stand by Trish Emery


October's Light by Trish Emery


Howdy Yawl by Trish Emery


Breakfast Club by Trish Emery


The Cistern by Trish Emery


Bharata by Trish Emery


Bella Luna by Trish Emery


Daughters Of A Noble House by Trish Emery


Poppies In The Shade by Trish Emery


Reflections On The Afternoon II by Trish Emery


Reflections On The Afternoon by Trish Emery


'Round About Sundown by Trish Emery


Flood Tide by Trish Emery


Swim To The Light by Trish Emery


The Player by Trish Emery


Daybreak In The Gorge by Trish Emery


Roxie by Trish Emery


Done Farmin' by Trish Emery


Drought by Trish Emery


Sisters by Trish Emery


The Prodigy by Trish Emery


Love Never Grows Old by Trish Emery